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The People Who Are The Soul of The Rugged Elegant Hotels, Restaurants, Shops & Services We Select To Promote in Our Guides & Within The Online Rugged Elegance Community
June 6, 2006
Building A "Foundation House" for Kids in San Francisco: So Urban Youth Can Thrive!

Once in awhile an opportunity comes along where there is no other response than "I must grab it." With other opportunities, they grab you. The following story is of the latter ilk.

But before I get started I must address the 600,000 monthly visitors who had been coming to Rugged Elegant Living on a regular basis and must be wondering where I went for the past nearly four months. A special expression of thanks to Wes, who took the time to pick up the phone and call to make sure I was simply o.k.

I told Wes that I hadn't been writing because I had gone through surgery, that we had been working on the e-commerce side of our business, and that my husband and I had bought a new house. However, what I wanted to tell him is what I am about to tell you now. The most significant reason I have gone offline is that I have been working on a project that has grabbed my heart, my soul and my attention, and now I am finally ready to tell the world about it.

I hope if this story touches you in any way, you will think about the resources you have that you can bring to the table. Whether you have creative ideas, financial means, mainstream media contacts, experience in this arena, or practical knowledge you'd like to share, we are all ears.

Building A "Foundation House" for Youth ... So They Can Thrive

Having unexpectedly bought a new home and moved our Rugged Elegance headquarters further west of the city near what is called "Land's End," Tim and I began the process of selling our previous home through a traditional real estate agent.

Until this week, we thought it was likely that this fabulous property, located in the center of the city, would have gone to another single family. Perhaps eventually, it will.

For the past year, we were getting prepared to remodel our home to better serve the needs of our own two children. However, friends kept telling us that if we were planning to invest a significant amount of money in our current property, we should first look at what else is on the market. As far as I was concerned, this house could have been "it" for our family, forever. It had plenty of space for our two children, our dog and our lifestyle media business. It has a pool, which is very unusual for San Francisco. The roof deck offers a 360 degree panoramic view of the city. We just needed an inside space from which to enjoy that view. One of the best features is that the house is located in an unpretentious part of the city, on a street we call our "Two Block Secret Neighborhood."

While we would have rather not moved, we nonetheless heeded our friends' advice. One weekend in February, we went out to a neighborhood called Sea Cliff and took a look at one, and only one property. By the end of March we owned it. That same day we hired an innovative architect by the name of Bernardo Urquieta of BRU Architects.

At that same time, our home in the Anza Vista / Western addition area was formally put on the market.

However, before doing so, our friend and trainer Anthony Thier of HealThier Fitness, came to us and suggested an alternative path to selling the house to a private party as a single family home.

He suggested we instead turn the house into a creative haven for under served kids in the city.

My immediate reaction?


During the fifteen years we lived in the neighborhood, we had always wanted to find an effective way to reach out to the kids living in the Pitts Plaza development, a block away.

From the moment Antony recommended we make the house into a place where kids come together from all walks of life to be taught positive life skills, not only were we sold, nearly everyone we spoke with about it said they wanted to help.

Antony's first thought was to create a unique place for kids to hang out with their mentors where together they can cook, swim, work out, as well as create art, music, theater, etc.

We first met Antony in September when he became our three-times-a-week personal fitness trainer. Over the past year, he has also become our kids' ski instructor. After four trips to Tahoe this past season, the girls are now proudly tackling Black Diamond runs. In addition, Antony has inspired all four of us to get into biking. Before we know it, we'll all be doing triathalons together.

Having someone like Antony in our lives is especially significant because we have two children with Type 1 Diabetes. As a result, we are always looking for ways to stay healthy. Having been a professional chef, Antony is both a guide and an inspiration when it comes to good nutrition.

Needless to say, he has quickly become an uncle figure in our kids' lives.

So, when Antony came up with this generous idea for our house and then added, "I would even consider becoming the live-in director," my immediate reaction was, "I'm even more sold!"

more ...

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Posted by jck at 11:59 AM
February 22, 2004
Giorgio Armani to Launch Worldwide Collection of Armani Luxury Hotels & Resorts
Giorgio.Armani.B&W.jpg Giorgio Armani

AME Info Business News:

Giorgio Armani S.p.A and EMAAR Properties PJSC today announced that they have signed a Letter of Intent for the establishment of an innovative worldwide collection of Armani luxury hotels and resorts.

The Letter of Intent, signed by Giorgio Armani, Chairman and Chief Executive of Giorgio Armani S.p.A., and Mohamed Ali Alabbar, Chairman of EMAAR Properties PJSC and EMAAR Hotels & Resorts LLC, describes a collaboration that will see the opening of ten luxury hotels and four luxury vacation resorts within seven years in prime locations in the world's most important cities, including London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. And, acknowledging the heritage of the partnership companies, hotels will be opened in Dubai and Milan. There is a commitment that at least six of the hotels and two of the resorts will be completed and opened within five years.

The Dubai 'Armani Hotel' will include 250 suites, restaurants and a spa, covering more than 40,000 square meters, located at EMAAR Properties' new Burj Dubai development, the world's tallest residential and commercial building. Alongside the hotel's suites, the Burj Dubai will offer 150 luxury residential apartments all conceptualized by Giorgio Armani and fully furnished with a specially designed line of products from the Armani Casa collection. The tower is the centrepiece of a new 160-hectare community adjacent to the Dubai Mall.

Giorgio Armani said, 'We have been exploring the idea of bringing the Armani philosophy of design and style to hotels for many years. We have been approached by many legitimate third parties with an interest in such a possibility. After very careful consideration, however, we have selected EMAAR Properties to be our partner in this significant, long term venture to develop a unique collection of luxury hotels and resorts around the world, because of their expansive vision, their expertise in real estate development and resort management and their appreciation for the intrinsic value of the Armani name and aesthetic.'

Mohamed Ali Alabbar said, 'As a result of Giorgio Armani's indelible imprint in the world of fashion, today the 'Armani' name is synonymous for modern elegance, style and above all exceptional quality. These are the attributes that will characterize and define the collection of hotels and resorts that we will open in the world's most important cities and vacation destinations in the coming years.

We look forward to experiencing Mr. Armani's creation next time we are in Milan. At the same time, we would love to better understand why he has chosen Dubai as one of the first two locations to venture into the hotel and resort business.

It is our understanding that another world class fashion designer will be following suit in short order. Ralph Lauren is expected to open resorts in Colorado and Jamaica where he already owns a home. Stay tuned.

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Posted by jck at 4:33 PM

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